Thursday, April 8, 2010


blog,April 2010

because you asked...

up until now, i have mainly been taking pictures for fun and as a hobby - i love it!
so many of you have expressed interest and want to know if i am booking sessions. i am so flattered! as much as i would really love to, but for now i just shouldn't. between my three kids, husband, p.t.a., laundry and my new church assignment, i know i can't spread myself that thin.

however, i will be making note of those interested, and whenever i get "the itch" for new faces, i'll let you know :) this will give me the freedom to continue my desire as well as give me the chance to gain more knowledge and experience without the pressure. it may be totally on a whim when i have some free time, but if you're willing to either meet me or come to my home, maybe even last minute, we can hopefully make something happen.

i may even have some mini sessions this summer... we'll see

please send me a message or leave a comment with your contact info & location and i'll add you :)
*please know that this does not guarantee you a spot and please don't take it personally if i don't contact you - it all depends on timing, location & circumstance. if i do decide to start booking sessions, you will be high on my list and will definitely be contacted right away with more info.

p.s. if i have already made plans with you, they're still on :)
thank you!



Brandi Johns said...

Ummm, yes hello! My kids think they are models so call anytime. I would be forever grateful! PS- You could take pictures of me too for the senior citizen album or what not to wear or how does a 32 year old have so many wrinkles and zits or the "oh so that is what a tired single Mom looks like"

You are a talented chick!

Heather said...

Put me on the list now. Maybe by the time you are ready,I could have a kid:)

KJlovesBubba said...

I love your pictures . . . but my kids don't have the striking blue eyes that I see in most of your pictures :)
However, if you ever feel adventurous and want to check out the opportunities around Oquirrh Lake or SoDa Row and a few brown-eyed, brown-skinned babies, let me know.
You are amazing. I love your hobby . . . by all means, don't make it work :)